Klezmer Music Workshops/Masterclasses

Emphasis of klezmer music workshops/masterclasses will involve internalizing the music through singing the melodies, playing "by ear", learning proper "Jewish" phrasings both melodically and accompanimentally, learning the different categories of the klezmer repertoire and understanding of the history of the klezmorim and their music. Artist in Residencies are also possible with your music program in which Steven will work with the musicians for a series of workshops/masterclasses to learn klezmer repertoire, style, ornamentation and phrasing culminating in a concert with the participants of the material learned.

I. Professional Classical Chamber Orchestras/Ensembles
Steven will work with professional classical chamber ensembles using his own klezmer arrangements to be performed in concert together with the ensemble. 

II. College Conservatory String Programs

Steven will show how klezmer ensemble performance practices relates to classical chamber music with shared musical ideas and ensemble interaction. A focus on the more artistic klezmer "chamber" repertoire to be featured as well as klezmer dance music. 

III. Elementary, Jr. High and High School String Programs
Steven will design a class teaching klezmer repertoire, technique and style to your school string program. Working closely with your string director or conductor students to learn klezmer style, phrasing and repertoire as well as building an interactive ensemble together. Music to be learned by ear and with music. Possible as a one-time masterclass or a longer residency. 

IV. Suzuki Klezmer 
Steven will work with your Suzuki class (all levels welcome) teaching klezmer modes, scales, ornamentation, style and phrasing by ear. Students will learn how to play together as a small klezmer ensemble integrating both lead and second (sekund) parts. Possible as a one-time masterclass or a longer residency.

V. Professional and Amateur Klezmer Band Coachings
Steven will coach your local klezmer ensemble with knowledge gleaned from years of concertizing, klezmer workshops, recordings. Choosing repertoire, identifying roles for instruments in the ensemble and working intensely with Jewish phrasings and stylings open for all instruments.

VI. Learning a klezmer tune by ear
Have you ever wanted to learn a tune by ear without music but were afraid to try?  Learning music without notes is often a challenging experience for students and professionals of all ages.  In this special klezmer music session, master klezmer violinist Steven Greenman will teach a klezmer tune to all participants through group singing in the traditional folk method of learning new repertoire.  Phrasing, style, modality and tempo will also be gleaned from this “internal” work.  The participants will then play the melody on their instruments just as they sung it!  Through patient section by section learning, repetition of singing and instrumental playing and confidence building, Steven will enable all participants to realize that they can learn a tune “by ear” without music.

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SUNDAY NOVEMBER 10th, 2019, 3pm

Solo performance of my Klezmer Concert Suite for Solo Violin and Orchestra with the Case Camerata Chamber Orchestra, David Ellis, conductor.

Case Western Reserve University - Harkness Chapel
11200 Bellflower Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Price: Free


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