Klezmer Lectures

1) An overview on East European Jewish instrumental music (klezmer):

- understanding the word "klezmer"
- a description of the musicians and their lives
- the repertoire of the klezmorim
- the differences between "European" and "American" klezmer music

2) A lecture/demonstration of the klezmer violin focusing on its style, ornamentation and repertoire.

3) A lecture/demonstration comparing the original klezmer compositions of Steven Greenman to those from the existing klezmer repertoire.

Upcoming Events



SUNDAY NOVEMBER 10th, 2019, 3pm

Solo performance of my Klezmer Concert Suite for Solo Violin and Orchestra with the Case Camerata Chamber Orchestra, David Ellis, conductor.

Case Western Reserve University - Harkness Chapel
11200 Bellflower Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Price: Free


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