Klezmer Lectures

Steven Greenman offers Klezmer Music lectures and demonstrations for audiences of all ages:

I. Music for the Khasene - Traditional East-European Wedding Music

  • Steven presents a lecture/musical demonstration of the varied listening and dance music that was performed for the traditional East-European Jewish wedding including the specialized recitations of the badkhn, the wedding master-of-ceremonies.

II. Klezmer Music Overview

  • In this lecture, Steven explains the meaning of the word klezmer; discusses klezmer music origins and history,  its varied repertoire, the Jewish professional musicians, the stylistic differences between European and American klezmer music, and much more.

III. The Klezmer Violin

  • A demonstration/lecture of the klezmer violin focusing on its style, ornamentation and repertoire.

IV. Klezmer Music Composition

  • Steven compares his original klezmer compositions to those from the existing klezmer repertoire.